Mud Slug Triathlon

Take on the Slough!

The Mud Slug is an unconventional triathlon at Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife. The event will start with 1 mile of paddling on Murphy Lake followed by 20 mile cycling event and finishing with a 10 mile trail run. A time clock will be up at the event but not professional timing will be available. However, an unconventional prize will be awarded to our first place winner. Enjoy Willow Slough’s mature forests, sand dunes and marsh habitat. The Slough is known for its diverse floriculture and bird populations. Participants will encounter a variety of terrain from sand to mud on the trail. Cycling will take place on paved roads.

Take on the Slough. Be prepared to slug some mud if you’re up for the challenge in Newton County Park Board’s first Mud Slug event!

Start Time 9 AM May 15, 2021

Registration cost is $35

We are currently working on an online payment method. Registration forms and checks can be mailed to:

Newton County Park Board 4117 S 240 W Morocco, IN 47963

Maps and Registration Form

Questions? email